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Spirits — The First Novel of Sheri Sebastian-Gabriel: Speculative Fiction Author

Her first novel, from Haverhill House Publishing

Tori Garrett is a haunted woman. She accidentally hit and killed a teenaged girl with her car, and her guilt has driven her to the bottle, costing her her job.

Tori isn’t the only one who’s haunted. Carla Perez wants Tori to pay for killing her daughter. She stalks Tori relentlessly, eventually cornering and threatening her in a bar.

Horrified by this encounter, Tori decides it’s time to get out of town. She seeks solace in the one place she found happiness as a child — Cape May, New Jersey. It’s the off-season, but she believes she can dry out and reassemble the tattered remains of her life.

Kind-hearted Amelia Warren, owner of the Seaside House Bed & Breakfast, is happy to take Tori on as the only winter guest at her establishment. Lonely and broke after her husband’s death, she believes she can find friendship with her boarder. Instead, she is trapped with a woman whose sense of reality is rapidly unraveling, degraded by an unyielding thirst for alcohol.

“Sheri Sebastian-Gabriel has penned a fine debut to enter the horror field, a debut that will hit audiences hard — and it should. Her writing is smooth, like an aged Scotch that burns so well as it scorches the throat, while blurring the real world from the book he or she is reading.”
— Cemetery Dance (as reviewed by Dave Simms)
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“Sheri Sebastian-Gabriel’s chillingly intimate Spirits is a deft, haunting tale that reminded me in all the right ways of earlier horror masters like Rick Hautala and Charles L. Grant. It’s a pleasure to turn the pages, and I can’t think of a higher compliment for a debut novel.”
—Christopher Golden, New York Times bestselling author of Ararat and The Pandora Room

Spirits — The First Novel of Sheri Sebastian-Gabriel: Speculative Fiction Author
Hardcover Edition Dust Jacket (Click to Enlarge)
Spirits — The First Novel of Sheri Sebastian-Gabriel: Speculative Fiction Author
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The Pulp Horror Book of Phobias
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The Shadow Over Deathlehem
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Simple Things
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Devolution Z: The Horror Magazine
May 2016 Issue
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Dia de los Muertos:
A Day of the Dead Anthology

(featuring “Ya-acawa”)